A nonprofit performing arts venue, cinema, and community gathering space

The 1932 Criterion Theatre is a nonprofit performing arts venue, cinema, and community gathering space in the heart of Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Maine Comedy Allstars

Featuring the best of Maine comedy and headlined by Ian Stuart, known across the United States and Canada as founder of the Portland Maine Comedy Festival.

The Maine Comedy All Stars kick off with Comedian and Host Kimberly Hotham. Kim captivates audiences with her embarrassing yet true-to-life stories about a single thirty-something struggling through the Maine dating scene and resisting adulthood whenever she can. Opening comedian James Theberge's charming humor touches on his love for dogs, athletics and his enormous family; he is always a crowd favorite. Feature comedian Dennis Fogg has a fast paced hilarious spin on married life and raising kids, a true every-man that has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. Headliner Ian Stuart returns to close out the historic Criterion with his take on life in Maine. Between witty one-liners and clever barbs; Ian takes a nod to classic Maine Humor with his style of comedic short-form storytelling.


  • $15 Orchestra Student
  • $20 Orchestra Standard
  • $25 Front & Center Orchestra
  • $25 Balcony
Earlier Event: August 15
Later Event: August 17
The Lion King (2019)

1932 Criterion Theatre
35 Cottage St.
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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