A nonprofit performing arts venue, cinema, and community gathering space

The 1932 Criterion Theatre is a nonprofit performing arts venue, cinema, and community gathering space in the heart of Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Plant Kindness & Gather Love: The Musical

Plant Kindness and Gather Love is a nature themed Maine Musical about island life, Acadia National Park and Maine. The nature theme is to prepare young explorers to be stewards of the earth and appreciate our surrounding natural beauty. The original script and songs were authored and composed by two educators from the Conners Emerson School - Rebecca Edmondson (Music Educator) and MaryAnne Young (First Grade Teacher). Nature quotes and integration of subjects are woven throughout for an educational experience. It is our hope that you enjoy this musical discovery and plant kindness and gather love wherever your journey leads! There's much more to discover!


This event is free and open to the public.

Earlier Event: May 7
Later Event: May 9

1932 Criterion Theatre
35 Cottage St.
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207) 288-0829