A nonprofit performing arts venue, cinema, and community gathering space

The 1932 Criterion Theatre is a nonprofit performing arts venue, cinema, and community gathering space in the heart of Bar Harbor, Maine.


We wish to thank our generous Business Sponsors who help the 1932 Criterion Theatre bring exceptional live performances and films to Bar Harbor, Maine.  We encourage you to patronize our current Business Sponsors, listed below.

Want to become a 1932 Criterion Theatre Business Sponsor at the $250 or $500 level? Just visit the "Giving" page on our website, click "Become a Member Now!," and scroll down to Business Membership. Wish to place a Pre-Show Reel Ad (individual or shared slide or 30-second video ad) or a 1932 Criterion Theatre Playbill Ad?  Simply contact our Development Director at: mark@criteriontheatre.org.


thank you to the following local organizations that have collaborated with and supported us in various ways: