A historic space for the performing arts & cinema

The Criterion is a nonprofit cinema, theatre, multimedia art producer and venue committed to safeguarding this historic space for stories, storytellers, and audiences.

Featuring movies, theatre, dance, music, and more. 


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Executive Director, Tamara Crowley

Production Manager, Chuck Colbert grew up in Concord, MA but was “called to come to the Criterion by Fate and self-determination conspiring to present me with a job I had dreamed of for many years.”  Chuck is the man you see running the boards, loading the films and generally keeping the place running, and performers happy.  “I want to be the glue that allows the Criterion to be the voice and home of stories of lives lived and loves lost, of all of humanities hopes and dreams, and of life’s frustrations and challenges. Stories told and feelings shared of our common humanity.”  When he’s not at the theatre, which is rare, chances are he is serving as a firefighter, caring for our elders, playing guitar - all with his partner Toby whenever possible.

Media Manager, Kristin Leffler grew up next door in New Hampshire.  Since leaving home, she has travelled widely and lived all sorts of places including Argentina and Alaska, gathering experiences and expanding her own perspectives, all of which shine through in her approach to telling the story of The Criterion.  “My ultimate goal is to tell the Criterion's story through collecting community memories. I want locals and audience members to feel as though they have a say and stake in the future of this beautiful historic arts space by connecting them to the rich and storied past.” When not at the theatre, Kristin is often found making documentary films (her college work “Following Flame” earned her an Emmy!), writing, practicing piano, hiking, dancing around her kitchen and seeking out new board games to convince her friends to play.

Concessions Manager Nathanael Lee grew up in Bar Harbor and came home after college looking to fight the winter doldrums, and ended up getting more than he bargained for! Nathanael was an instant fit for the Criterion family, posing with a high jump, mid-air heel click to celebrate “Singin’ in the Rain” during his first night at the theatre.  Always dressed to the hilt (“wearing bow ties” is, in fact, listed as an activity by Nathanael), he is currently engrossed in bringing concessions to its full potential.  “I would like my job to bring a welcoming efficient space, where patrons feel like a part of the theater and the theater feels like a part of the community as a result!”

 The Criterion Staff competing in the 2016 Bed Races as the 1932 Rum Runners! They lost, but they lost with style. Photo credit: Carrie Jones

The Criterion Staff competing in the 2016 Bed Races as the 1932 Rum Runners! They lost, but they lost with style. Photo credit: Carrie Jones